Human Resource Departments are taking on more responsibility to win the fight for top talent, control healthcare costs while balancing a valuable benefit offering.  All working towards helping their organizations succeed.   

With the changing healthcare landscape, the shift towards higher deductibles the increased compliance needs due to ACA and the looming federal changes brings the need for employers to look towards out-sourcing services and administration. 

The juggling of numerous vendors to administer services often with inefficiencies caused by manual processes results in VENDOR FATIGUE.  This is due to working through several contacts, reviewing multiple service agreements, managing multiple platforms all while taking up valuable time and eroding the efficiency that the outsourcing was supposed to provide. 

As Vendor Fatigue sets in, HR teams are looking for vendors who provide more than one service on a single, leading – edge technology that streamlines several functions all managed through one company and one contact.  

When these service providers are identified, a true Vendor Partnership is created and value for an organization is delivered that allows HR team to get away from the day to day vendor management. 

MEDSURETY understands this growing need to aggregate services with one Partner and provides what HR teams are searching for to give them back their time to focus on more strategic organizational initiatives. 


Ease Your Vendor Fatigue 


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